About Owney

Owney was found on January 03, 2016 in front of the Main Post Office, 451 College Street, Macon, Georgia. It was cold and at night, around 9:00 pm. He was sitting by one of the front doors cold and shaking. My co-workers tried to feed him and gave him some water. I reached over to pick him up and he tried to move away being very scared. I finally was able to pick him up. We took him inside and put him in an office. I took him home later that night. When at home we noticed he was infested with fleas. We spent two hours bathing him and combing out the rest of the fleas. We also found out he had worms. I took him to our Vet the next day and we got him de-wormed and started his shots. He has been a great dog and we are so glad we found him and are able to provide him a loving forever home.